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Guided Meditations

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This guided meditation is a powerful and transformative journey designed to ground you deeply in the present moment while reconnecting you with the scattered parts of your being. It's crafted to help you find a serene sense of wholeness, weaving together your past, present, and future into a cohesive and peaceful whole.

This 8-minute guided hypnotic meditation is a powerful tool to cut through the noise during a stressful and busy day, and give you a space to be present and focus on your breath.

You can perform this quick reset in the office, at home, or in any space of your choosing, as long as you can allow yourself to sit or lie down, close your eyes, and simply let go.

This trance-based meditation is designed to anchor your subconscious mind to the natural and powerful healing properties of the breath. Listen to it often, so you can access the state of calm and ease easily and effortlessly at all times.

This guided hypnotic meditation is a helpful tool for relaxing your mind and body and promoting restorative sleep. It aims to guide you into a long, restful, and peaceful sleep.
The more you listen to it, the easier it will become for you to access a state of trance and allow the suggestions to seep deep into your subconscious mind, helping you to fall asleep easily and effortlessly.

Somatic tracking is a powerful tool for helping brains sever the connection between pain and fear, thus interrupting the cycle of pain. Like all learning, teaching your brain a new way to relate to pain sensations will take time, practice, and repetition.

This powerful meditation is designed to support the process of healing through self-love, self-compassion, and self-forgiveness. Listen to it as often as you need to, so you can go back to previous versions of yourself, and allow the integration, while bathing in a soothing grounding energy.

Based on the work of Dr. Howard Schubiner, leader in practical neuroplasticity and the emerging mind-body revolution in chronic pain treatment, embracing and allowing emotions to be felt in the body is a powerful process to heal from physical and psychological pain.

This trance-based hypnotic meditation is based on the Handbook of Hypnotic Suggestions and Metaphors by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Book and is designed to use the metaphor of decreasing numbers to create comfort.

Based on the work of D. Corydon Hammond, Ph. D., this hypnosis with anxiety guided meditation is designed to help people regain a sense of calm and peace through a progressive relaxation, or deepening technique. Repeat often to reap the benefits of training the body to relax and release tension.

Music: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.

This trance-based guided meditation is designed to help individuals who are facing very difficult life challenges to relax, ease worries, and find peace. The more you listen to it, the easier it will become to find that space within.

Based on the work of Hal Greenham, Somatic Psychotherapist and Co-Founder and Clinical Director of the Freedom From Chronic Pain Program, the inner child practice is one of the most powerful integrated processes that we can use for both mental and physical wellness.

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