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Decide it's time to Let go of phobias, trauma, and PTSD

Living with phobias, trauma and PTSD can have a very real impact on your daily functioning and overall quality of life. The good news is that you can get better. I'm right here to guide you on this amazing journey towards the life you're meant to live.

Decide it's time to Let go of phobias, trauma, and PTSD
Mia enjoying a day at the beach with her daughter while feeling free of the limitations of past traumas


A phobia gets attached to the subconscious mind like an imprint and it is extremely difficult to stop the emotional response to the phobia consciously, regardless of how much or how hard one tries.  


I use the Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Phobia Cure Technique to "erase" the imprint from your subconscious mind, creating rapid and lasting results.


After the treatment, you should feel comfortable enough to start living corrective experiences and reclaim the lifestyle you truly deserve – without the phobia controlling your life.

Can you imagine a life Free  of limitations?

The NLP Phobia Cure Pattern – also known as the Visual-Kinesthetic dissociation pattern – is a transformational and revolutionary technique used to release phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic memories, depression, and anxiety.

You're ready to Coach with me if:
You're ready to Coach with Mia

You struggle to run errands or even make it to work every day

You're ready to Coach with Mia

Phobia has affected several or even all aspects of your life

You're ready to Coach with Mia

No matter how hard you try, you cannot get it under control

You're ready to Coach with Mia
You fear that you will never be the same again
You're ready to Coach with Mia

You feel hopeless and experience social isolation

You're ready to Coach with Mia

You’re ashamed and embarrassed about explaining your limitations

Bridge into the Woods

How does the NLP Phobia Cure Work?

NPL Phobia cure technique
The technique is quick and powerful, and operates at the unconscious level, allowing you to completely transform your life by stopping the ongoing re-traumatization, resolving the pain, and releasing the old memories. In short, it allows you to take out the negative emotional charge of old memories and run your brain in such a way that allows you to access a healthy and resourceful state. 

As they think, humans process any piece of information either experientially or analytically. When you recall something experientially, you step into the content of the story or event. You see things out from your own eyes, hear things out from your own ears, and feel things as if they’re happening right now. On the other hand, when you recall a memory analytically, you’re looking at it from a spectator’s standpoint. You’re technically stepping out of the story or event. Recalling a memory experientially allows you to know the details of the event. In contrast, recalling an event analytically empowers you to learn from it.


The NLP Phobia Cure Pattern works successfully, because it “programs” your brain to think comfortably about unpleasant events – without your emotional responses being activated or triggered. It allows you to recall things analytically, thus moving your mind and understanding to an optimal, more efficient, and sustainable frame-of-reference.

You don't have to do this alone.

I'm right here to
Guide you on this amazing path to freedom.

Mia's right here to guide you on this amazing path to freedom from chronic pain.
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