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Empowering stories from my clients

Browse through life-changing testimonials from people who have walked this path, healed, and achieved the life they truly deserve through my coaching services!

I am somewhat of a skeptic, but I have been learning to open my mind to new things I don’t understand. I knew Mia personally, so it was very easy to trust her, but this was definitely something new for me. During our first meeting, she knew exactly what I needed, and how long it would take me to improve.

I saw immediate results, and on the exact day that she predicted I would feel most of my improvements, my final progress questionnaire was drastically different than my initial one.

I had pain in so many different body parts that were treated in so many different modalities, by many different doctors, and that lasted from 3 to 18 years. They have all disappeared. It is truly amazing how much better I feel in such a short time and how many years I’ve been dealing with all these issues that interfered with exercising for my health, playing with my children, and simple daily life activities.

This work is non-invasive, healthy, and life-changing. Everyone who lives in chronic pain should try this.

Anthony Federico | Personal Trainer

Working with Mia has changed my mindset in such a powerful way! My health improved both physically and mentally. With her guidance, I learned techniques to control my anxiety and pain. With those techniques, my energy has improved! She is such a caring and encouraging soul. Thank you Mia!

Christy Spelman | Physical Therapist

Stéphanie R. overcame chronic headache and neck pain.

Sylvie H. overcame fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. 

I have explored 10 sessions of NLP Coaching with Mia. From our first connection, Mia reminded me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! 


During every single session, Mia accompanied me to achieve stellar results: identify the root cause of my problem, clear all distortions in my mind, release my old mental and emotional patterns, remain focused, and reinforce my health. 


At the end of each session, I was left energized, empowered, and more determined towards my health goal. The coaching program was incredibly insightful, deep, and miraculous! 


Mia is generous, flexible, natural, professional, and knowledgeable. When you are looking for a successful healing coaching to make a miracle in your health, I highly recommend Coach Mia Khalil.  

Marie Challita | Certified Professional Coach

The subtle things that hold us back - old events, old triggers, old emotions, old patterns, old beliefs - do not serve us any longer. Releasing them is the path to freedom. Freedom to be here and now and to move forward with all the wisdom that it has bestowed upon us. I knew where all the old wires were attached. I knew because I've been doing the work for years now. And still I couldn't severe them on my own. My rational mind was ready to do so, but my subconscious was holding on to them.


When Mia offered to work with me in a Mental and Emotional Release session, I was curious and excited to experience a new technique, a new perspective, a new entry point into what I wanted to let go. My mind was completely blown away by the experience.


My heart felt yet another expansion into the world, and my soul tasted a whole new level of peace. 

When we navigate our timeline, we can gain other perspectives and we can truly connect with the positive lessons that our unconscious mind wants us to. And then, we simply see everything dissolve - old events, old triggers, old emotions, old patterns, and old beliefs - creating so much space for what we want, what we desire, what we need, and what we long for.


Mia, thank you for fulfilling your purpose and sharing your talents with the world. You are a magnificent healer and this world is so lucky to have you.


Marie-Eve Bédard

I first met Mia at a workshop in January of 2022. As soon as she uttered her first few words, I knew that being around this woman would change my life. She showed me that sometimes, it’s hard to move forward and that it is important to celebrate every victory. She guided me to look at myself in the mirror.

I was stuck in a state of apathy and couldn’t find my way out of the maze. Mia helped me find and understand the path. She guided me, and I was able to do the work. Her discrete – and oh how powerful and secure – presence helped me take one more step forward each day. And another step after that. 

Today, after 5 months, and while I’m walking on my own, autonomous, and equipped with the same strong determination, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

If you’ll allow me, Mia, I would like to tell you loudly and clearly that you are by far the most empathetic human I have ever met. Thank you for working with me. You changed my Life.


Nathalie Emond

Mia is a wonderful and attentive coach. From our first meeting, she was able to gain my trust, uncover my full potential, and offer me tools that were relevant to my specific situation.

Every session was enriching and shed light on facets of myself I didn’t see, or that were simply forgotten.

Mia also helped me bring awareness of the relationship with myself and everything around me.

I greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn her perspective on life. I firmly believe that I now have the tools I need to achieve unlimited growth, while remaining congruent with who I am.

Viet Nguyen-Duong

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